IQR Emissions Services (LDAR)

LDAR Services and all your Compliance needs

HY-BON/EDI has unrivaled experience and knowledge in Leak Detection (OGI) and measurement for the O&G Industry.  We employ professionally certified technicians each with over 10 years of technical experience.  HY-BON/EDI offers a Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) program that will keep your facility in compliance with the new regulations.  A part of our IQR service for NSPS OOOOa compliance includes first attempt to repair the source of fugitive emissions which gives the operator more time to finalize repairs if needed. 


Reasons to Recover Vent Gas

  1. Recover valuable natural gas product
  2. Reduce air emissions
  3. Compliance with State and Federal regulations and air permits
  4. Reduce liabilities
  5. Drastically improve site health and safety

Direct Measurement Services of vent gas yields quantitative data on the flowrate and chemical makeup of the gas. This data is used to determine vent gas monetary value and mass flowrate (lbs/hr). Direct measurement data is input for sizing and selection for the type of emissions control that best fits the application.

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