Vapor Recovery Tower (VRT)

The HY-BON/EDI VRT provides flash gas recovery at near atmospheric pressure without the potential of oxygen ingress from the top of the storage tanks. The ability to create the vapor flash inside the VRT often reduces storage tank emissions to less than 6 tons per year, exempting the tank battery from Quad O reporting requirements.

The VRT creates a “closed system”, preventing the potential for human error or vapor leakage from open or leaking thief hatches.

The ease of installation eliminates the need for cranes and man lifts during tank battery construction.

  • 36” x 30’ S/S 125# MAWP
  • Oil flow rate up to 1500 BPD
  • Minimum retention time: 25 minutes


  • For higher flow rates multiple towers are recommended
  • Maximum tank height of 20’

VRT Training Presentation