About Us

Company Overview

HY-BON/EDI provides leading edge design and fabrication of customized compressor packages for handling low pressure gas streams. Regardless of the application: whether gas from oilfield stock tanks, casinghead gas, field gas collection, or biogas from wastewater facilities, digester tanks, landfills or breweries, HY-BON/EDI can design the package required. HY-BON/EDI also designs and manufactures custom compressed natural gas (CNG) packages for municipal applications.

A global industry leader in vapor recovery since 1952, HY-BON/EDI vapor recovery units (VRU's) currently operate in over 30 countries – ranging from offshore to desert service. Our vapor recovery units (VRU's) are employed to capture diverse gas streams ranging from methane, hydrogen sulfide (H₂S) and carbon dioxide (CO₂) to extremely complex landfill gas (LFG) and petrochemical gases.

Specializing in applications under 1,200 horsepower, HY-BON/EDI is an authorized packager of many different compressor styles –
including rotary screw, rotary (sliding) vane, reciprocating, liquid ring, beam gas compressors and jet pump systems. This experience and versatility allows HY-BON/EDI to focus on the most economical approach and best overall technical solution for your gas stream.

HSE – Safety and Environmental

The safety of our employees is the single most important priority at HY-BON/EDI. Priority #1 is that every employee goes home every night to their family in the same physical condition as when they arrived. Every employee of HY-BON/EDI is expected to take a leadership role in safety. No task is so urgent that we do not take the time to complete it safely. Hazard identification, intensive employee training, proper equipment & PPE, and job safety analysis are each critically important – but none as important as the intense personal commitment of senior management and every HY-BON/EDI employee to continuous improvement in our safety processes.

Likewise, our management team is committed to environmental excellence. HY-BON/EDI equipment has assisted our customers in capturing millions of cubic feet of methane and related gases from entering our atmosphere – and turning these previous pollution streams into a much needed clean energy source.

In our daily operations, environmental stewardship is a primary management responsibility. All HY-BON/EDI employees are expected to comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, and insist upon environmentally sound management and operational practices and procedures.

Priorities / Focus

HY-BON/EDI has seven priorities that drive all business decisions, plus an additional element that is critical every step of the way.

HY-BON/EDI is Setting A New Standard for our industry in:

Priority #1 is that every employee goes home every night to their family in the same physical condition as when they arrived. Every employee of HY-BON/EDI is expected to take a leadership role in safety. No task is so urgent that we do not take the time to complete it safely.

Quality products, driven by continuous improvement, are the foundation on which our company exists. Quality of every unit that leaves the facility is crucial – new build or rental – but also the quality of our processes, the quality and professionalism of our facility and the level of professionalism and integrity with which we conduct our business.

We must meet, then exceed, our customers expectations in all areas of service. Customer service should be proactive and extraordinary. Our customers have honored us with their business for 52 years, and we must never forget that we earn that trust with our actions every day. On time delivery, outstanding field service, parts service, sales service and the swift and fair resolution of problems.

Our focus is to provide long-term value to our customers. We accomplish this through helping our customers increase their revenues, reduce their long-term operating costs, or reduce their liability exposure.

Proactive internal and external communication may be the single most important element distinguishing good companies from great companies. Strong lines of communication are required between all departments within the organization, with our vendors, and with our CUSTOMERS.

On an individual level, Attitude is everything. On a company level, Teamwork is everything. We will succeed as a team or we will fail as a team. We believe a collaborative effort, utilizing the expertise of our employees, our customers and our vendors is critical to our success.

No business can survive and grow if it is not profitable. Our mantra on projects is to deliver a quality product - on time - on budget. But the key to profitability is each employee making good business decisions on a daily basis that allow us to reduce long-term operating costs without jeopardizing quality or service.

Every business decision at HY-BON/EDI is judged based on its ability to meet these seven priority objectives of our company. Along the way, a critical element is to have fun. In my experience, having fun is significantly under rated. It’s fun to be #1 in an industry, it’s fun to grow your business, to shock customers with outstanding service, and to provide a genuine positive impact on our community.

Working Together, let’s Set A New Standard!

HY-BON - Midland, TX - History

HY-BON was founded in 1952 in a West Texas garage by a World War II veteran, Ralph Nelson, who saw the need to remove dangerous gas emissions from the air economically. During that time, the West Texas sky was ablaze with natural gas flares, and much of the remaining gas was simply vented to the atmosphere. Beyond the obvious health problems this gas and smoke caused for residents, several deaths had occurred due to Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) poisoning. After experimenting with different metals that were immune to the corrosive powers of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), he developed the first vapor recovery unit (VRU).

From these humble beginnings, HY-BON has grown from that basic vapor recovery unit (VRU) design to become one of the most well respected companies in the industry; specializing in gas management systems. The company focuses on a particular niche of the market – handling low pressure gas – and is a global leader in this arena. Capturing very low pressure gas is a true engineering challenge, and one that has taken the company across the globe and given it the opportunity to assist several industries.

Jim Woodcock, who acquired the company in 1981 and serves as Chairman of the Board, expanded the company to pursue methane gas escaping from any industry – ranging from landfills to breweries. For example, HY-BON equipment is used to operate Mexican breweries by capturing the methane fumes off fermenting beer and converting it into energy that runs the plants via gas driven generators. A HY-BON unit successfully draws methane gas from a wastewater treatment operation in New York, which is then used to power gas generators providing electricity for an entire neighborhood. In China, HY-BON units pull methane gas from petrochemical storage tanks in a large refinery. In a peach canning factory in California peelings are made into a sludge, heated and bacteria added to emit methane, which is then captured by HY-BON equipment and used to power the cannery.

HY-BON, however, has not abandoned it’s roots. The company remains the market leader on vapor recovery units (VRU's), and has expanded it’s role in the oil and gas industry beyond vapor recovery to include gas booster systems, casinghead pressure reducing units, and a range of compressor packages focused on handling low pressure gas. HY-BON has been fortunate to provide vapor recovery units (VRU's) for the oil & gas industry in over twenty countries, both onshore and offshore, in an incredible range of applications. HY-BON vapor recovery units (VRU's) operate in most of the mature oil basins in the world, from Indonesia to Yemen.

While still best known for our industry leading role in vapor recovery, HY-BON has been extremely successful in other low pressure applications as well. In the past 12 months HY-BON has provided casinghead gas reduction units and gas booster systems to over eighty different operators, including Chevron Texaco, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Shell Oil, British Petroleum, Hunt Oil, Apache, Devon, and Pure Resources. The casinghead reduction units are used to reduce the pressure on the wellbore, allowing oil to flow more freely. The gas booster systems are typically used to connect multiple wells and boost the gas pressure to allow entry into the pipeline. We have also been successful in the offshore market, with offshore packages currently operating for such companies as Kerr-McGee, Exxon Mobil, and Chevron Texaco.

HY-BON has been honored to serve our customers over the past 50 years, and may the next 50 be equally as exciting!