Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU)

In 1952, HY-BON/EDI’s founder coined the term Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU) when he designed the first small compressor package specifically designed to capture natural gas emissions with high levels of hydrogen sulfide from oilfield stock tanks. Since that time, HY-BON/EDI has evolved into a global leader in vapor recovery, in this market, with more onshore vapor recovery unit (VRU) installations than the next three competitors in this market combined. HY-BON/EDI vapor recovery units (VRU's) currently operate in over 20 countries, with a strong reputation for quality and reliability.

HY-BON/EDI vapor recovery units (VRU's) range from small table top packages for minute gas streams to packages handling millions of cubic feet of gas per day. For small applications, HY-BON/EDI maintains an inventory of standard vapor recovery packages for reduced cost and quick customer turnaround. For larger, more complex jobs, 3D modeling software is utilized so our customers can drop our package directly into their facility design software – dramatically reducing project lead times. We realize that the documentation on these jobs is often as important as the equipment; so special care is taken to insure all databooks are thorough and on time. Whatever the application, we would be honored to assist you in determining the best technical solution.


NK Series Standard VRU Compressor

The NK series is a robust, self contained, oil flooded screw compressor package designed for small to medium sized tank vapor, volume applications. Our NK packages have a turndown range from 5 Mscfd to 110 Mscfd and a horsepower range from 15hp to 30hp, depending on the selected model. Recent design improvements allow for higher concentrations of H2S, which will be quoted on a case by case basis.

HY-BON/EDI's Standard VRU Includes:

  • ASME Code 125 # MAWP Suction Scrubber
  • Oil flooded screw compressor designed for wet gas service
  • Electric motor with motor starter, VFD and NEMA 3R weatherproof housing
  • PLC Control Panel (Class I , Group D, Div II), w/ standard shutdowns, pressure sensing & sequencing logic
  • Auto Recycle w/ compressor capacity control (By-Pass/Recycle)
  • Oil field type skid
  • Heat exchanger for compressor oil cooling

Operating Ranges:

  • Suction Pressure: 0-15 PSIG
  • Discharge Pressure: 30-175 PSIG
  • Volume: 5-110 MCF

Natural Gas Engine Drive VRUs

NK-60 compressor driven by a Kubota Engine

Natural Gas Engine Drive VRU Standard Features:

  • Variable Speed Control
  • EPA Certified Natural Gas Engines
  • Automatic Start & Stop
  • Direct communication with the engine control unit
  • RS-232 supports telemetry over cellular, satellite, or radio
  • Modbus Slave Protocol allows it to communicate with other devices, software and SCADA systems
  • Designed for high BTU wet gas applications




  • NK-60
  • Blackmer 372
  • Blackmer 612

Engine Drives:

  • Kubota DG972-E2
  • Zenith ZPP 644
  • Zenith ZPP 428
  Contact us for information about additional compressors and/or engines
Blackmer 612 compressor driven by a Zenith Engine
Blackmer 372 compressor driven by a Kubota Engine