Vent Gas Management
Final_Quad_O_2013-22010_sm.png EPA Quad O Final Rule
Recently enacted Federal EPA Quad O Regulations have caused the entire Oil and Gas Industry to reassess the way storage tank facilities are configured and maintained.  HY-BON/EDI specializes in providing solutions that address these regulations and recapture lost revenues in the process.
HY-BON/EDI has a long history of providing “best in class” Vapor Recovery Equipment dating back to the early 1950’s and prides itself on lessons learned over the years.  HY-BON/EDI has added new products addressing the new Quad O Regulations, completing its total solutions approach.
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Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU)

VRU's are engineered and designed for versatility, reliability and maximum run times.  The VRU's designs incorporate 80 years of VRU experience, resulting in rugged and proven vapor capture.

Vapor Recovery Tower (VRT)

The HY-BON/EDI VRT provides flash gas recovery at near atmospheric pressure without the potential of oxygen ingress from the top of the storage tanks.

Vapor Combustor Unit (VCU)

Enclosed Vapor Combustor Units can be used to destroy VOC’s from a storage tank facility.  The enclosed VCU provides a solution when vapor recovery is not economically viable, or as a backup for a Vapor Recovery Unit.
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I.Q.R. Survey
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 Identify Quantify  Rectify
Using the newest identification technology on the market, the IQR team can provide visual documentation of the emission sources. The IQR team has the ability to accurately measure tank vapors.  The IQR team will provide complete reports documenting all emission sources.
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