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Robin/Subaru EH72

The Robin/Subaru EH72 has been optimized for LPG/NG gaseous fuels. The EH72 incorporates a HotSpark electronic ignition system for reliable starts in all conditions.

Robin/Subaru provides an engine oil cooler, a large dual element air cleaner and a large ball bearing on the PTO side to add extra durability and longevity to the Robin/Subaru EH72.

LPG 25hp @ 3600 rpm*
Natural Gas 21hp @ 3600 rpm*
EPA/CARB III Emissions Standard Certified
Cooling System Air Cooled
Cylinders V-Twin
Displacement 720cc / 0.72L
Electrical System 12V

The Robin/Subaru engine comes standard with a 1.25" diameter jackshaft with single row pillar block bearings, 2 to 1 reduction and a Warner electric clutch.**

Kubota DG972-E2

The Kubota DG Series offers a new solution to the increasing needs for natural gas engines. The diesel engine based Kubota DG Series gives users the same reliability and durability acknowledged as the world's top quality small industrial engines.

Specialized for Natural Gas use the DG972 engine, eliminates the carburetor, regulator and fuel filter parts, which are only necessary for Gasoline use. Also Kubota adopts the best jet set and ignition timing that provides the optimum engine performance in extreme conditions. This series is equipped with a bypass breather tube to avoid freezing below zero.

A heavy duty rubber isolator mounted radiator is used on the DG972 which adds to the engine's reliability and durability.

LPG 27hp @ 3600 rpm*
Natural Gas 24hp @ 3600 rpm*
EPA Tier 2 Emissions Compliant
Cooling System Liquid Cooled
Cylinders 3
Displacement 962cc / 0.962L
Electrical System 12V

The Kubota engine comes standard with a 2" diameter jackshaft with double row pillar block bearings, 3.5 to 1 reduction and a Warner electric clutch.**

Zenith Power Products ZPP 644 and ZPP 428

Zenith inline engines are purpose built for natural gas and propane field operation. Zenith inline engines were designed to produce a flat torque curve, delivering excellent torque from idle to the maximum governed speed.

Zenith pays attention to the small details such as rubber isolator mounted radiator, rubber isolator mounted fuel regulator, cylinder heads that are constructed to optimize performance and durability for dry fuel (natural gas) applications, extra heavy timing chain, plus the exhaust catalyst is mounted horizontally for better performance and longer life. Zenith's attention to detail allows the ZPP 644 and ZPP 428 inline engines to be unsurpassed in dependability and performance.

 ZPP 644ZPP 428
LPG 85hp @ 2200 rpm* 55hp @ 2200 rpm*
Natural Gas 77hp @ 2200 rpm* 50hp @ 2200 rpm*
EPA Certified
Cooling System Liquid Cooled Liquid Cooled
Cylinders In-Line 6 In-Line 4
Displacement 4400cc / 4.4L 2800cc / 2.8L
Electrical System 12V 12V

Both Zenith engines come standard with a 2.5" diameter jackshaft with double row pillar block bearings, 2 to 1 reduction and an automotive style clutch.**

ZPP 644 Shown

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Engines specialized for LPG/NG provide:

  • Hardened Valve System
  • Throttle Body Fuel System
  • Full Pressure Lubrication
  • Large Element Air Cleaner
  • Cast Iron Cylinder Sleeves
  • Fuel Regulator
  • Full Flow Spin-On Oil Filter
  • Automatic Safety Shutdown

Cage Options

Standard CageEnclosed Safety Cage4-Post Cage

Pumpmatic-NG Controller

The Pumpmatic-NG controller is designed to operate an engine on time cycles. The system will automatically start the engine, engage the clutch and stop the engine to complete a cycle. The operator also has the ability to manually start or stop the engine and engage or disengage the clutch.

Modes of Operation
  • Automatic Real Time Cycles Mode
    The controller will automatically start and stop the motor based on real time cycles (up to 50). At the next run cycle time, it will start the engine and engage the clutch. Then at that cycle’s stop time, when it will stop the engine, until the next run cycle time.
  • Automatic Interval Timer Mode
    The controller will automatically start and stop the motor based on the interval timer. The engine will start and run for the length of the interval run time, then stop for the length of the interval stop time. This cycle will repeat indefinitely.
  • Manual Mode
    This allows the operator to manually control the engine.
Additonal Features
  • Displays Engine RPM and Battery Voltage
  • Engine stalls are determined by monitoring the engine's RPM
  • Records number of starts and stalls, total hour meter and engine hour meter
  • Capable of communicating with the engine using the J1939 Protocol
  • With J1939 units, Engine Fault Codes will be displayed
  • With J1939 units, the Engine Coolant Temperature and Engine Oil Pressure will be displayed
  • RS-232 with Modbus Slave Protocol supports communication over cellular (data), satellite, etc.
* Horse power on all engines was determined via Dyno testing under a working load condition.
** Other PTOs available upon request. Gear reduction sized per customer request.