CO₂ Enhanced Oil Recovery

HY-BON/EDI has over 10 years experience in the capture of low pressure CO₂ streams from EOR projects. Our equipment can cost effectively capture and compress CO₂ gas streams for reinjection back into the formation. HY-BON/EDI designs and manufactures packages for capturing the vent CO₂ from storage tanks as well as reinjection compressors up to 1,000 HP.


HY-BON/EDI installed our first successful CO₂ capture equipment in 1997 – which is still working today capturing over one million cubic feet per day of a 98% CO₂ gas stream for a major oil company. HY-BON/EDI is located in the heart of the Permian Basin of West Texas, home to the oldest and largest CO₂ flood operations in the U.S., and customers rely on HY-BON/EDI’s unique and proven exp-erience in this field to provide unparalleled results.